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The Spiritual awakening class. Through the use of custom quantum codes to produce higher levels of DMT in the Pineal Gland, to open the 3rd eye, along spiritual protocols provided will change you mentally and spiritually and will give you spiritual experiences. You will learn a new and unique way of prayer/meditation, asking the right questions and how to get the answers to the most sacred questions. Quantum codes will be provided for the purpose of programming your water. This course is powerful, life-changing, it makes you question a lot of things while getting answers to high spiritual questions. It elevates your beliefs and connections with God and the whole spiritual realm. You will learn how to muscle test in more advanced forms, how to receive revelation, prophetic dreams, and to get confirmation if it's true and so so much more... This Is a 4 week class online. Each week the class links will be sent to you directly. SO it doesn't matter what date you select for starting, this is a go at your own pace, start when you ready

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