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VIP Healing and Effective Transformation

Uninterrupted, in-person session with Robyn for high-profile individuals.

  • 12 hours
  • $2500-$25,000 A Day
  • TBD in person location

Service Description

Is there more to life than this? Have you worked with other Doctors, Gurus, Coaches, Rehabs and Healers and still haven't experienced a long term difference in your life? Then this is for you. Are you seeking a spiritual awakening? Then this is for you. Have you experienced success in your life but are still unsatisfied, feeling that life has lost its flavor and you have lost your passion? Then this VIP face-to-face service is for you. Feeling like something is blocking your potential? Then this is for you. Robyn will read through your mind and soul, on all levels, to see what the source is and how she can heal and optimize it. Your spiritual intelligence is just as important, if not more than, your physical health and it can only be healed by someone who has mastered this unique ability. This specialized ability is exactly what makes Robyn a very rare and unique gift to her clients. This session will bring about effective transformation for anyone that is ready to receive these unique gifts Robyn has to offer. She has done this for thousands of clients, ranging from children to high profile CEOs and celebrities, all of whom have had complete change. She will shift you in ways that produce results even greater than you could have imagined. Everything will shift allowing you to produce amplified results in your relationships, businesses, personality, and entire quality of life by taking this transformation journey customized just for you. This is the only personal, face to face service Robyn offers. The service can be done in a day or over a week, based on your preference. Complete confidentiality is guaranteed. We will contact you immediately after your booking request, so that we can assure a perfect time and place to make this happen. Have questions message us at or text AR Team 720.296.9230

Cancelation Policy

Sorry no refunds, But if you try to canceled 3 days before we will get you rescheduled

Contact Details


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