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2024 Business Reading

Discover what's instore for your business in 2024 and amplify results.

  • 45 min
  • 399 US dollars
  • Remote/phone/zoom

Service Description

Does your business have untapped potential? With your Business Reading, you will find out exactly wat you need to know about your business 2024. What investments, JV Partnerships, marketing, etc. will assist you in reaching the next level and increasing ROI? What is currently blocking maximum potential? Robyn will give you a month by month preview of what to look for, what blocks you're facing, and what you can do about it. She also offers removal of blocks, and counsel to create the best year possible. Feeling like something’s blocking your road to success? Your business is made up of more than just you. Your business is an entity of its own and needs to be evaluated as such. Robyn will read into the life force of your business including your soul, mind and heart. She will go into the timeline to see where the block started, on all levels to see what is blocking the potential and how she can shift it. She can see into the past, current, and future. She will see the source of the block and how to correct it. These readings will help you to see the energetic blocks in your business. Robyn will guide you toward discovering the true potential of your business. 45 Min will change your life and fast-track your business. This reading will allow you to: ● Discover the cause of stagnation/misfortune in business ● Effectively identify, evaluate and select opportunities ● Discover what investments, partnerships, marketing, etc. will yield the greatest results ● Encourage an optimistic attitude in the face of difficulties ● Bring balance to one's personal and professional life ● Promote spiritual enlightenment ● Reconnect with your talents and abilities Consider getting an intuitive reading when: ● You feel there is an invisible blockage restraining your business growth ● You are at a crossroads in your business and require some direction to find the best path ● You have a difficult decision to make and really want to know which option is best ● You're frustrated with business growth and you want to rediscover hope ● You want to clear doubts and face and overcome your limits

Cancellation Policy

Sorry no refunds, But if you try to canceled 3 days before we will get you rescheduled

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