What people are saying after working with Amazing Robyn

“I have seen therapists (traditional and alternative) since I was 4 years old. I have seen and heard it all.... or so I thought. I had the most AMAZING and powerful session EVER with Robyn. I can't begin to explain the profound impact it had. Every therapy or energy session I have ever had has left me so charged with anxious energy that I end up shaking for hours to weeks. I have also disassociate every time I have ever worked with someone. I feel like it is an internal safety mechanism. When I met with Robyn, I did not disassociate nor did I leave shaking. I can't tell you how HUGE that is!!!! I did start shaking during the session as she was opening my chakras and she was able to work through it and clear the charge of energy quickly. I told her nothing about myself before we began, yet she figured out things no one could have known and she seemed to know my spirit in a deep and personal way. I left feeling like a much improved version of myself; fill of love and understanding. I felt at peace and full of confidence. She helped me realize my purpose in life and I am gaining the strength and courage to fulfill it with her help. I owe Robyn so much. I highly recommend her. If she can change my life after 33 years of therapists and energy workers, I know she will drastically improve anyone else's life.”

Summer Staggs Tenny

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Past Client Experiences

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I feel renewed!!!  I am so impressed with the quality and quantity of work we did on so many issues in the very first session. I could literally "feel" the healing taking place. I've been searching for this version of me for a long time. The issues I didn't realize were hiding were revealed. I am very excited and supported going forward. If you're stuck and trying to move on, or need to dig deep into who you are and clear the blocks, stop wasting your time and go see Robyn now! Not to sound cliche, but you will be amazed.

Julius Petty

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I can breath again. I feel like I have been holding my breath waiting for a miracle to happen. I have been struggling with my emotions feeling lost. Yearning for connection I came across Robyn listing I have tried about everything you can imagine but have never tried a spiritualist. Feeling like it was the right thing to do I trusted my intuition. Thank god I did, She was able to open my mind to what has been holding me back. With incredible knowledge of her practice she performed many different techniques to get to the root of the problem. I felt Robyn was truly dedicated to helping me. I wish I felt doctors cared as much as she does. She is thorough with all she does. Digging deep into your past, using your present to guide her way. I never imagined what it was I was missing. I feel connected to who I am and who I want to be now!



I HIGHLY recommend Robyn to anybody. She is one of the best healers in the world. After just one session we were able to remove so many blocks! Money flows to my business so easily now and my dreams are beginning to manifest at a much higher rate. Make sure you get a session with her! The most expensive mistake in the world is a missed opportunity and this is one you can't afford to miss.

Micheal Grizzard

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I came to Robyn at a time where many aspects of my life were not working. I was seeking answers and I didnt know where to turn. My heart and mind were open but I had no idea what to expect. Its really hard to put into words as to what goes on but I am telling you that I feel empowered and optimistic. A shift has taken place in me and as each day passes, I feel more and more fulfilled. I cant thank her enough for the positive transformation that has taken place.


Beauty in Natural Makeup

My first session with Robyn came at a time when I deeply needing some comfort. I'd experienced a couple of terrible years and couldn't seem to keep my head above water. I was also experiencing a terrible creative block, which as an artist was affecting everything in my life. With just one session I had a dramatic shift and old emotional baggage I'd been carrying with me for decades didn't matter anymore. When I woke the next morning, I felt as if light was beaming out from my heart. Since then, my creativity has begun to flow out of me with abundance and I even started sleeping better. Robyn is a very talented woman and I would highly recommend her to anyone and everyone seeking guidance, energy work or spiritual healing.

Gina Burg

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"All I have to say is WOW... I haven't experienced anything like this before. Very different! I would highly recommend Robyn if your wanting your company to stand out from the rest".

Frank Shankwitz,  The Creator and the Founder of the Make-A-Wish Foundation.